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Monday, July 23, 2007

"Music Is Love In Search Of A Word" -- Sidney Lanier

Appropriate, on this first post of Incandescent Planet, is a famed commentary about the tragedy of too much bigotry, greed, and twisted ideologies. "The Redemption Song" was written at the time by a man who had just found out he was going to die. But he found the courage and strength to go on, long enough to admonish us about the only true course to freedom.

".....Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery....None but ourselves can free our minds....."

Above is a U-Tube clip of the "Barbardos Bombshell" Rhianna--who has made her fame in wildly risque music videos (and what else is new in today's pop music)--yet here she is in a devastatingly poignant tribute to a monumental song.

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