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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As The American Public Tonight Ceremoniously Spits Out "Big Mac"......

......perhaps now he, along with the rest of the Republicans, will finally take better care about who THEY associate with, at the very least.

On the other hand, perhaps they're just too hopelessly wedded to the past. Maybe no matter how much of a crushing victory Barack Obama and the Democrats deliver on this glorious night, our shameless gaggle of right-wing ideologues will never, ever relent.

Pity. They tried so desperately to smear our next president by the company he kept, when all the while that crazed, dangerous elephant in the room was running amok, and will depart office fat and flush with cash, while leaving our economy and foreign policy in a shambles.

That, however, never seemed to bother Mister John McCain, only when he was caught debating with himself.

Now, however, there need be no more doubt about McCain's true character, an angry, reactionary, and regressive politician.

And in this, his political Waterloo, he can rest assured that he can turn to his old pal for comfort.

Just, the next time Johnny, be careful about the company YOU keep.

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