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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Understanding The Gaza Crisis: A Blunt, Unsparing Expose Of American-supported Israel's Nazi Tactics Eliminating Another People

The facts aren't just searingly painful.  The situation is outrageous, disgusting, unbearable.

The perpetrators continue running their machine on your tax dollars, Americans.  Generously squeezed out of a sheep-like Congress, year after year after year, by the crushingly effective Israeli lobby, AIPAC.

The Israeli Regime just committed another act of piracy today, to maintain its Warsaw Ghetto as the world's largest open air prison.  And what a hell on earth place they've transformed Gaza.

There is no reason on earth to partner up with war criminals.  Have a look at this report's "plain language" and ask yourself the question:

"Who is it that's in the cast in this 'War On Terror'?"

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