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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"American Dream" Continues Going Up In Smoke.....Cup Of Tea, Anyone?

It's beyond shocking.

How about disgraceful, appalling, and unreal too.

But this little story should well serve as the flaming symbol of what ails us.

A official moment of silence, please, for all the right-wing Teabag cretins that screamed their reactionary heads off at last summer's hearings for universal public health care.  That's that "diabolical socialism" our fellow industrialized nations have--Canada, Great Britain, Australia--because they give a damn enough to really protect the lives of their citizens.

Not here, it seems.  And now that "compassionate conservatism" rears another of its compassionate hydra heads into another realm, the traditional socialism we've had for protection from fiery destruction.

Seems a county in Tennessee saw fit to demand a special fee to keep your house intact.  And as The Mob might say, "You don't pay for pay."

The next thing will be monthly law enforcement insurance premiums.  And if ya can't afford those, well, looks like your local police will just have to kick back in their patrol cars enjoying coffee and doughnuts while you're being robbed, raped, stabbed or shot by some violent criminal.

Is this where our "gloriously free enterprise" nation is sinking?

In that case, lets have the Teabaggers and the rest of the laissez faire imbeciles forever pay extra big fat monthly premiums on not just the health care they need but EVERY service, including fire, police, schools, libraries, roads, etc.  The Republican Congressional dirt bags and their lobbyist masters will have five or ten times the monthly premiums, as a reward for their rabid opposition to all this Bogeyman Socialism.

And when their homes burn down to the ground, let 'em head to the nearest town hall and vent to their hearts' content.

Should be an especially cathartic moment.....

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Bruce said...

Taxing the rich is the only good solution -- in 2007 the top 2% collected 27% of all of the nations wealth -- the highest percentage of wealth "redistribution" since 1928. Today, as in 1930, the middle class does not have the money, enough of our nations wealth, to spend our way out of our recession/depression. The only way out of our depression is to tax the rich until they have around 10% of the nations wealth, as they did in 1950, and put that extra tax revenue into social programs, health care, schools, job creation, etc. and then the rest of us will have some extra cash to stimulate the economy.