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Friday, December 2, 2011

George Galloway NEEDS To Come Over Here And Talk Some Sense Into Our American War Mongers

The U.K.'s indomitable George Galloway makes absolute mincemeat out of the lies and hysteria being manufactured by U.S. & Israeli propagandists, who are hell-bent on replicating the Iraq Aggression in Iran.

It's sheer amazement that these government terrorists in Washington and Tel Aviv would even DARE to repeat their appalling crime committed in 2003 under the flagrant pretenses of rooting out "the threat of WMD's."

But even more amazing and outrageous and shocking is that the politicians are not only shameless enough to try the very same charade again--but that there are actually a number of people in the world stupid enough to fall for it twice.

Gullibility clearly is one of those commodities that has absolutely no limits on its shelf life.

Stop the madness.

Listen to Georgie.......

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