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Monday, November 23, 2009

How Much Longer Will We Tolerate The U.S.-Funded Israeli Genocide In Gaza??

This goes far, far beyond tragic, outrageous, appalling.

It's war crimes, pure and simple. The United Nations has already corroborated this fact, along with international human rights investigators that include Israeli observers.

For $10 million American tax dollars a day, the brutal storm troopers continue suffocating and slaughtering Palestinian refugees. The same families they had originally driven from their homes in ethnically cleansed Israel.

Today, the world continues turning its blind eye shamelessly in another direction, anywhere but into Gaza. Pres. Obama does little more than lip service in "opposing" the Israelis' ruthless destruction of the 22 percent remaining piece of what was once the Palestinian homeland. He doesn't seem to give a damn that our nation supports & harbors a war criminal regime.

The following short film lets us and rest of the world bear witness to the kind of horror once perpetrated by the Nazis on the Jews of Warsaw some 65 years ago.

Sickening, horrendous irony. Once victims, now utterly merciless victimizers inflicting endless savagery on women and children.

When will this American-subsidized mass murder stop?

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