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Monday, November 30, 2009

Studies Are In: The "Mystery" To America's Killer Obesity Epidemic Finally Solved!

The following report comes from the S.C.O.R.("Specialized Coronary Outpatient Rehabilitation") group, of Solvang, California:

".....The diet of the American population has changed over the last 100 years.

Our diet since the early 1900's has evolved into an abundance of progressively more unhealthy, life-threatening foodstuffs filled with harmful vegetable fats which is also devoid of many vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids as well. Our

grandparents and great-grandparents who were raised in the late 1800's and early 1900's lived a primary agricultural existence with 80% of Americans living on small family farms or in rural areas. Before 1910, heart attacks were virtually unheard
of. By 1930, heart attacks accounted for no more than 3000 deaths/year.

By 1960 that number had risen to over 500,000. Genetics cannot explain this huge
increase over one or two generations. Some lifestyle change caused this
increase. What was it???...."

Indeed. What on earth was it??

The 14th Century's Black Death that wiped out a third of Europe's population had its flea.

The 1918 Spanish Flu that killed up to 100 million people worldwide was driven by the A virus strain of the H1N1.

Like a lot of you, I relish a slice of good pizza. But I also make every effort to indulge in the wicked treat no more than once a month.

I don't do this fearing that more than a monthly pizza fest will automatically prove fatal. Just that, well, it's common sense to practice dietary vigilance.

But would I--at my monthly sit down with that wondrous cheesy delight--ever dare to mix it with some devastating fatty fried cinnamon sticks?

What, you think I've got some kind of death wish??

Anyway, here's the official scoop on "the limits of what humans will eat."

[Domino's, for the record, you're not the only culprits--but for now, the most convenient....]


NotThabo said...

Tom, is this just not a case of natural selection in action through the local take-away?

Tom Kinsolving said...

In one respect, yes. The only thing I would say that is very
"unnatural" and unacceptable is that our species, unlike the others, has a problem with being the MOST malignantly agressive of all animal kingdom. Bar none.
What is truly malignant is to have a select group of homo sapians marketing toxic waste in the form of food (but also other poisons, such as cigarettes, etc.), and conditioning their prey by the millions to happily ingest--so these rapacious corporate predators can make a "killing" not just to survive, but to get fattened with profits.
That's the fundamental difference in humanity's brand of natural selection.
Pretty damn evil--and preventable--wouldn't you agree?