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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Remembrance: Israel's Warsaw Ghetto Inspired Massacre Of Gaza

A year ago today, the U.S.-bankrolled gunmen had changed from their off-hours t-shirts into combat garb and were ready to go on a civilian killing spree.

In just a matter of days, they would drench the streets with blood of the women and children they were holding captive in Gaza, the world's largest open air prison. In subsequent months, the heinous truth emerged through the testimony of the soldiers themselves, in a report by the Israeli dissident military group, "Breaking The Silence."

The facts were shocking, and could have come from Nazi stormtroopers reminiscing about the slaughter in 1944 Warsaw. One of the Israeli veterans of "Operation Cast Lead" confessed:

"The soldiers were made to understand that their lives were the most important, and that there was no way our soldiers would get killed for the sake of leaving civilians the benefit of the doubt....they were told that from a certain distance when they approach a house, no matter who it is - even an old woman - take them down."

The Israelis were relentless, thorough, utterly barbaric, "casting" not just lead, but chemical weapons. And make no mistake--these war criminals couldn't pretend that Hamas fighters were hiding under the cribs where infants were obliterated by American-supplied rockets. According the Israeli human rights group, B'Tselem, the soldiers were merciless and murderous with the civilians: "Whole families were killed; parents saw their children shot before their very eyes; relatives watched their loved ones bleed to death; and entire neighborhoods were obliterated."

This coming Sunday, December 27, is the anniversary of Day One, when yet another bit of holocaust was unleashed on the Palestinians. Let there be remembrance. Let it be for a long, long time, enough for our cowardly Congress to finally step up and explain why they not only said nothing in protest but scores of them even cheered on the mass murder, such as Senators Barbara Boxer, Saxby Chambliss, Christopher Dodd, and Barbara Mikulski, to mention just a few.

Let these opportunistic, gutless wonders go to Gaza and spend a night or two in some of the rubble that used to be family homes until demolished by munitions that these senators authorized. Send them to volunteer in the Gaza hospitals filled with old and young Palestinians burned beyond recognition by the horrifying white phosphorous chemical weapons--that these senators approved.

And one day, let there be real, long-overdue accountability for those Israeli war criminals that oversaw this slaughter fest. Like the murderous Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, arrest Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, and Ehud Barak (as a start) and put these psychopaths on trail for crimes against humanity.

Until then, go get your Christmas shopping done and trim the tree.

And, should you have any extra time, perhaps you might say a prayer for the children of Gaza.

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