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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tragedy Is Clear--It Was That "Swore A Pact With The Devil" Syndrome

One of the most horrific things in the aftermath of unspeakable carnage, whether man-made or natural, is the sight of animals slowly devouring the corpses.

Usually they're vultures, sometimes wild dogs. Of course they are nature's scavengers. They don't know any better. They need a meal.

At other times, though, beasts of a different breed show up at the scene. They roar, flash their own powerful jaws, and start feeding on the victims with the same ferocity as their fellow predators.

But the meal they're after is an altogether different kind of sustenance.

For this species, it's simply a matter of generating enough shock and awe over the airwaves. All they need is a devoted audience of assorted cretins, reactionaries, and bigots to lap up their toxic drivel, day after day after day.

And make no mistake--bottom feeders such as Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson can sniff out a juicy ratings feed in virtually any manner of people & places. They engorge themselves on actors stricken with Parkinson's Disease. Or, when especially voracious, a monumental terrorist attack. Like 9/11.

Sometimes they can't resist even the most unlikely targets. Take for instance last Wednesday's heart-breaking calamity in Haiti, one of the most tragic places on earth.

It didn't take more than moments for the ravenous Komodo Dragon from within each to start salivating joyfully.

The corporate media continues keeping right-wing reptiles on display for the just the same reason for the endless parade of stomach-churning reality shows.

The bottom line, folks. Ethics, schmethics.....whatever you can get away with, just do it.

Thank God for the few precious antidotes counteracting the poison (also brought to us by our fearless corporate media.) Like John Stewart's "Daily Show." Keith Olbermann is another welcome relief. He doesn't ever pull punches--a critical skill when dealing with the broadcast troglodytes.

Fired-up Keith's take on the matter:

Bravo, Mister O! May your tenure on air be long and vigorous.

Meanwhile, we'll pray for these tortured people of Haiti. Considering these current scenes from Haiti, let our thoughts be light years away from the utterly deplorable vein as "pundits" Rush & Pat.

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