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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Insurance, Republicans, Teabaggers, and Fox News: You Are All Now Cordially Invited......

...........To Kiss Our....
......and say hello to a new promise that The Greatest Nation On Earth will no longer tolerate ruthless, insatiably greedy corporate beasts denying children healthy lives.

No, Cigna, et shalt not kill, henceforth.

We'll now celebrate the assurance that those of us extorted monthly payments for the "guaranteed health care" will NOT have it suddenly stolen by relentless corporate gangsters.

No, Aetna, et also shalt not kill, any more.

This American "new and improved" health care bill was just passed only hours ago in a Congress divided, by Democrats who apparently give a damn about the public well being vs. Republicans that only care about serving the corporate oligarchy.  The GOP has an unquestioned talent for rambling on with oxymorons such as "compassionate conservatism."  Their members sandwich this into nauseating, empty rhetoric about serving "God & Country," when the actual record shows, time and again, Republicans have a distinctively Godless appetite for shooting down positive change that will help, not hinder, families struggling to survive.

The bill is far from perfect.  There are still many concerns, such as why on earth must we wait four long years for it to kick in?

Nevertheless, it's a start.  The lesser of the two evils, by a landslide.

The greatest evil has been that for SO long our people have been dying painfully from a stranglehold by the monopoly of a cruel Medical-Industrial Complex that has cared for one thing--and one thing only--profit.  Rising profit, in fact, that drove these parasites to do despicable things to people, as graphically revealed in the film, "Sicko."

The most pathetic sight, of course, was witnessing that "Tea Bag" congress of cretins that played before the cameras.  They hooted and screamed, and even hurled racial epithets at legislators who wouldn't swallow the Big Insurance/Fox News propaganda about how providing health care to those denied amounted to "communistic tyranny."                             

What a sorry, pitiful spectacle.

Of course, then that's what makes this place a free country--the great diversity, and the freedom for fools to really act out.

And putting on a big act was the only thing these deluded hordes of yokels could manage.

Still, much more work needs to be done to enhance our new promise of REAL health care.  The Republicans and their bottom feeding allies will surely continue to battle it out, to sabatage things so  their corporate masters can still hope for preservation of the reprehensible but oh-so enriching status quo .

I want to be the optimistic one on this wonderful night, like one famous man was in the glow of a great victory of a different sort long ago.

"Now this is not the end," Winston Churchill famously remarked after the fateful 1942 victory at El Alamein. "It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." 
You tell 'em, Winston......

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