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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three Cheers For American Students' Big Broadside Against Israeli Savagery

Bravo, UC Berkeley Students!

May your couragous student senate vote last Thursday opposing any more UC investments in companies providing military support to Israel be the real clarion call for other universities to finally step forward and put an end to the support for Tel Aviv's war criminals.

Let it happen now, let the flow of assistance and lethal hardware to Israel's storm troopers dry up like a desert.

This bill focuses on two companies--General Electric and United Technologies--that help provide the hardware for the Israeli attack helicopters that have a nasty habit of bombing and murdering women & children in Gaza, West Bank, and Lebanon.

With impunity, of course, courtesy of our shameless U.S. "we respect human rights" government that not only stands by to cheer it on but supplies world class murder weapons to these gangsters in IDF garb.   Profit?  Geopolitical gain?  Raw power politics?  Or just a system, administered by self-serving, spineless politicians, who can be "played" by another country bent on conquest?                           

Commercial companies still doing business with this homicidal regime, along with the rest of the American death & destruction export companies and the Pentagon's own facilites, MUST be accountable for their actions.

How can we allow the subsidization of mass murder and oppression of the Palestinians to continue?  The grieving father in this picture has a name, as did his three murdered children.  All three were killed with the help of our tax dollars and high-tech American weapons.  How could anyone possibly support such a status quo?  But by sheer inaction, by the fact that our "honorable" elected officials in Congress go right on rubber-stamping support for such things, this is the ultimate enabler.  It has GOT TO STOP. 

There must be some other company other than Caterpillar, Inc. in which to invest in bulldozers--the same brand used by the Israeli ethnic cleansing brigades to demolish thousands of homes and olive trees on the West Bank.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, one of the Zionists' most insufferable shills, immediately went out of his way to denounce the UC students' stand against Israeli Aggression.

“Divesting from Israel is immoral, bigoted and if done by a state university illegal,” Dershowitz said. “It encourages terrorism and discourages peace. Any university that would actually divest from Israel will be subjected to countermeasures—financial, legal, academic and political. We will fight back against this selective bigotry that hurts the good name of the University of California. This misuse of the university’s name does not represent the views of students, faculty, alumni and other constituents of the greater Berkeley community. Instead it represents the hijacking of the university for improper ideological purposes. It must be rejected immediately and categorically.”

Vintage Dershowitz, it is.  Typical that he would call divestment from a state that carries out immoral, bigoted, illegal policies, "immoral, bigoted.....and....illegal."


Notable are Dershowitz's ominous threats against UC-Berkeley, which is right out of the Israeli lobby's playbook.  ANYONE who stands up decisively against Israeli war crimes can count on vicious reprisals from AIPAC, which is precisely what this detestable, unscrupulous, and utterly dishonest Harvard shyster is blathering about.

The most interesting part of Dershowitz Diatribe #6,889 for Israeli war criminal clients is his accusation of the UC student senate "hijacking the university for improper ideological purposes."  Now that's genuine chutzpah.

Especially considering how deadly effective has been the highjacking of the U.S. Congress to do any and all bidding on behalf of the Greater Israel Project, i.e., continue and complete ethnic cleansing of the, homes, and lives expendable.

The only truly virtuous thing about such a revolting thug as Dershowitz is that he provides the perfect embodiment of the ruthless, corrupt business of Zionist politics.

Keep up the good work, courageous Berkeley students.  May the rest of our highjacked nation be so inspired.

Want to really end the continuing tragedy of the 60 year-old Nakba?  

Boycott & Divest from Israeli War Criminals, Inc..  Start today!

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