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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"No Way Through"--Or Getting Around--America's Complicity In Today's Destruction Of A People

Stop and think for a moment:  What if this were taking place in your own neighborhood?

Your child, terrified, hauled away like an animal by brutal storm troopers.  Not to be seen again for weeks or months, locked up in some Israeli dungeon and subjected to torture and sexual abuse.

All because your child was a "suspect."  No charges need apply, however, to keep him there.  And when finally released, he's shattered.  And so are you.

Or just maybe your oldest daughter has had an accident and desperately needs medical care.  Here's a chilling scenario that happens every day in the American-supported illegal occupation of the West Bank.  The setting here is London.  But just imagine it's somewhere in Baltimore or Chicago or Denver or Los Angeles.

Could you live every day with this?

If you couldn't deal with it, American people, then WHY do you sit passively and allow $10 million of our tax dollars, daily, to fund Israel's ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians?

Stop subsidizing this!

Support the Boycott/Divestment/Sanction Movement on Israel.  Put an end to the savagery.

Or do you prefer to just shrug and run off to purchase an Israeli commodity at the nearest day-after-Thanksgiving sale?

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