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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Joys Of "Doing Everything Possible For Those Hands".......

Anyone remember those delightfully inane ads about the magical green liquid that "softens hands while you do the dishes"?

There's a video some call "seriously creepy" now sweeping cyber space that seriously reminds me of the antics of our memorable "Madge."

But in this case, she's for real.  Take a peek and see what it does to your creep-out meter.

Those are some "look good naked" features, Ellen.  But that's not quite all.

After seeing this, alarm bells went off.  Yeah, that episode.  The one with George, perhaps most hilarious of everyone in "Seinfeld." 

George "I've Got Hand" Costanza now has honors.

The question:  Who in fact has the truly "look good naked" hands??  You decide......


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