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Friday, March 25, 2011

Drifting Somewhere Between the Dark and the Aquarion Ages......

Ever driven by one of those gas-guzzling SUV's and spotted a sticker reminding everyone about the "cost of freedom"?  It would hardly be surprising to find one of these military wives behind the wheel.  They are wearin' the buttons and seem damn proud about the noble mission of "keeping the promise" to Iraq. 

What's really insidious is how this little catchphrase is exploited.  We know it isn't free -- but who is it that decides how much to pay, in what ways, and where does the country pay?  Moreover, what exactly are the dimensions of this "freedom"?

  Increasingly it appears we are paying more and more to get less of it, and the only real beneficiaries are the profit-crazed corporations sponsoring all this foreign adventurism.  In the last presidential administration, the very worst we ever had, a sitting vice president made a killing in profits for his company by helping to orchestrate the killing fields of Iraq.

Now under a supposed "change" president, the troops are once again being sent into another oily mess, Libya.  As much as I sympathize with its people and their right to be rid of a monstrous dictator, the blatant reality of what propels this "humanitarian mission" is as sickening as the same real reason why the United States is still squandering $12,000,000,000 each and every month in Iraq & Afghanistan.

All this, and meantime one disgusting right-wing governor after another is telling the people of their state that "sacrifices must be made."  This is too much.  Too depressing to even imagine how much worse it's going to be if the national public doesn't get galvanized.  It's as simple as this:  Confront the corporatocrisy or  continue allowing it to bring complete ruin to America and much of the rest of the planet.

Turn off that damn Fox News channel and wake up, people.

Beyond brain death, the only other end result to this Age of Stupid will be the ultimate death of us all.

Please, please wake up.  

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