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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let The Call Go Forth Again: "Don't Stop Boycottin'" The ZioNazi War Criminal Regime

Big brave Israeli Occupation Forces sure know their craft.  Using human shields as they blitzkrieg their way through Palestine.

Brutalizing Palestinian women at their countless "check points."

Bulldoze-style ethnic cleansing of the remnants of Palestine.

Roasting Gaza's civilians with white phosphorus.

Celebrating with their "hunting trophies."

Enough already.

Turns out that just last weekend in New York City some people literally took another step to break this lethal handshake, by shaking, swaying, and belting out an appeal to end the madness.  The BDS Flash Mob has done it again.  Hopefully, it is one step closer to extinguishing Zionist apartheid and aggression.

Until the decisive stone hits the mark on that AIPAC Goliath lording over U.S., the Boycott/Divest/Sanction battle will rage on.

With unmistakable style & rhythm, of course!

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Mac Taha said...

Israel is an evil apartheid state that should not exist. Lets not blame the jewish faith. Jewish beliefs are just like christianity or islam. The problem is zionists and israelis killing kids.